Vehan R Us

Vegan R Us. We are part of a growing movement including Project Beyond Impossible, FACTORYless Farming, Green Pets America Charities, Seeding Greatness, and Plant-based Friday

Vegan R Us is a community for vegan Lifestyle eating, and for those who are thinking of becoming Vegan. We are a welcoming community for those who want to try vegan as a healthy wellness lifestyle. We share ideas, articles, stories, recipes, nutrition studies, new books and so much more. Vegans R Us is a 501c3 non-profit community for health, wellness, and living a helpful and happy life.

As Vegans, we deeply understand that humanity is many, but it is one. We are One with each other, the animals, and this Planet. Our hearts are saddened and go out to our fellow sentient beings in these terrible times in Ukrania. Peace and nonviolence is the answer.

Join fellow Vegans across the planet